5 Technology Must Haves for your Home

Technology is expanding at neck breaking speeds and new home products seem to be springing up weekly.  These gadgets aren’t just about being cool and convenient but are geared towards making both you and your home more efficient, increase security, and provide comfort.

Smart Phone: with the advance of smartphones and the market availability, the number of products you can now control with your smart phone or downloaded app increases with each passing week.  If you don’t have a smartphone, it is probably a good idea to get one.  I know you hate the idea of having one of those things. But the reality is with today’s smartphones and tablets you can become much more efficient with the availability of products and services to meet just about everyone’s interests and needs

Nest:  Thermostats are the things of sheer boredom. As a matter of fact thermostats haven’t changed much in the last 50 years. Sure Integrated chips were incorporated into them like every other device and toy in our life. However, Nest took things to a whole other level with the creation of Nest. Nest doesn’t just accurately and systematically changes your thermostat to your desired temp. It learns when and when you are home to maximize your home efficiency. According to their website, Nest can help cut your home heating bills by up to 20% .  buy here–à>> https://nest.com/thermostat/life-with-nest-thermostat/

Belkin Kitchen Mount : This is an accessory piece, but what would technology be without its trusty sidekicks.  One of the biggest issues in using Ipads and Tablets is their shape. They are flat. And sure they have stands, and keyboards, but when you’re cooking do you really want your $600 piece of equipment next to hot sauces, frying oils, and every other known liquid and substance that you will use in the kitchen.  Keeping y our ipad or Tablet above the clutter will help maximize space, reduce equipment destruction and keep the recipes and videos closer to your eyes.
Buy here-à http://www.belkin.com/us/p/P-F5L100/

Drop Cam:

As dog owners and parents we always want to make sure our homes are secure and safe even when we are not their. Drop cam gives you the simplest and easiest way to keep tabs on your home when you’re not there.  It somes with built in speakers and mic which allows for two way talk. It also has night vision and directly send video feed to your smartphone or your computer.
Buy here-à https://www.dropcam.com/


LED Bulbs

Don’t try to reinvent the light bulb they said?  Well after decades of testing and experimenting with LEDs they finally got it right. And each month the price drops and they become more available.  LED bulbs which don’t contain any nasty mercury have become the best way to cut your electric bill and more environmentally friendly than the older CFL bulbs which 15 years ago were heralded as the savior to energy costs, only to find out that if they break, it’s a headache to clean the mercury.

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