5 Items in Your Garage Your Should Visit

Most of America’s kids have gone back to school except here in the Northeast where school still follows the tradition of starting after Labor Day.  So as fall approaches it’s important to visit some items in your garage to makes sure you have not lent them out, they are still working or if they have wasted.

Lawn Mower, pretty soon you won’t be using the old gal as winter creeps up. You should have all the necessary things in order to winterize your lawn mower so it’s ready for the spring time. This goes for all your gas powered tools. If you use electric, make sure they are all working properly, are void of rust and stored above ground in case of flood.

Snow Blower: if you still don’t have a snow blower I am not sure how you exist. Shoveling snow is one of the unhealthiest activities we as suburbanites can do.  Sure physical activity is good for us but considering most of us are sedentary in our lives and jobs, busting out the shovel can lead to back and arm injury as well as heart attack and stroke.  Either leave the shoveling to the local kids or pick yourself up a snow blower. If you have a blower, you should check your blower to make sure it works.  Waiting until the day or night before it snows to find out its not working or you need gas oil, etc. is the worst possible thing to do.

Chemicals and Paints. : make sure these are all covered and secured away, especially if you have kids or an attached garage. Besides the hazardous fumes they give off, most of these chemicals are flammable posing a great risk to you and your family

Your Hoarding Pile:  We are all guilty of it. Saving shit we don’t need for years on end.  If you weren’t able to part with you stuff back during spring cleaning, or if you skipped spring cleaning all together, then it’s important to get in there and shed your excess baggage. IT will make you feel better and clear up some much needed space for that classic car you have been meaning to buy.

Garage door opener and rails.  : make sure your rails are all secured the garage door cables aren’t frayed and the motor for the opener isn’t making noise.  You never want a garage door breaking down in the middle of winter or during a snow storm or rain storm.  Annual maintenance of your garage door will ensure you have it for a very long time.

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