City in Review: Long Beach

Long Beach was one of the hardest hit areas of Long Island by hurricane sandy. 3 years on and there are homes still needing to be rebuilt, people waiting on their insurance checks and stores trying to stay above water financially.

The people of Long Beach have persevered and stood strong during difficult times.

Long Beach is an interesting area because of its size and charter. It is only one of two cities in Nassau country Long Island.  An area compromised of mostly villages and towns.

But Long Beach is not your typical city, there are no high rise buildings, and the only hotel just opened a few years ago.  However, it has a vibe and feel and hustle like any down town city across America. With bars, restaurants art galleries and the beach, Long Beach is home to a varied group of people.  Once known as a haven for divorcees and motley folks, Long Beach maintains a strong community bond amongst its citizens.

Long Beach could be considered split into two unique areas, the West End and the East end.  The types of homes you find in each area generally unique.  In the East End you find Victorians, Colonials, Federal Colonials, Plantation, and Ranch.

In the West End many of the homes are bungalow and Cape Cod styled homes, with a variety of all the others mixed to some degree.

Long Beach homes come in just about every variety you can imagine. So as you can expect many homes in Long Beach carry various styles of garage doors including carriage garage doors, contemporary, modern, steel and insulated garage doors.

People all across Long Beach also take pride in selecting unique front doors made of wood and steel, which complement the home and add to its curb side appeal and adds value to the home.

Since Long Beach sits on a barrier Island the chance of flooding and storm damage are high, garage doors should always be inspected every few months to make sure there are no defects or loose or worn parts.  Prior to heavy storms and snow fall, garage and entry doors should evaluated for function, wear and tear and weatherproofing.

Garage doors by the sea also have the elements of the sun and salty air to take into account. These two elements can play havoc on a garage door’s moving parts as well as its finish and color.  Consumers in Long Beach or any beach side town, should always call on someone with experience installing doors in beach side communities.

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